Milestone 1
To Userspace and Beyond

After a month of work and 320 commits the BRUTAL operating system has reached Milestone 1, but what does it mean? It means that we have a working kernel capable of supporting userspace applications, complete with multitasking, memory management, syscalls, SMP, and much more...

What's next?

Milestone 2 will focus on implementing the IPC System, shell, basic VFS and ramdisk. This roadmap is not set in stone and is subject to changes. You might want to check out the latest version of the roadmap


I (sleepy_monax) would like to thanks everyone who helped during this first milestone. First I want to thanks Supercyp for all the work he did on the kernel. He most notably implemented the SMP, the scheduling and many more features. Next keyboard slayer for porting the system to clang and the APIC timer implementation. Finaly Abbix for his UBSAN implementation.


We welcome all contribution even if they don't fit into our milestones :) The Git repository is available on GitHub and you can discuss about BRUTAL on the brutal discord server.

Thanks for reading and happy hacking :^)